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Write to your MP

Not sure where to start? We've got you covered with our handy template. Just copy and paste the text below into a Word doc and fill in the blanks! Use the contacts list below to send your letter far and wide. The more letters they receive the harder they are to ignore :)

MP's Name: (Choose from our list of Local, State and Federal MP's below)

MP's address: (Copy and paste address of MP here)
Your address and Contact Phone Number:

(most MPs require this before they will action your letter)

Dear (Insert MP's full name),

Tell them who you are and why you are writing:


For example, I am a farmer/parent/resident living in (Your suburb and state) and I am concerned about the proposal for a waste-to-energy incinerator at Tarago.

Tell them why you are concerned:


For example, your concerns about the potential for:

  • contamination of farmlands and livestock

  • impact on the health of your family, children, neighbours, friends

  • contamination of your tank water and dams

  • contamination of our food chain and locally grown food and crops

  • impact on the environment and biodiversity

  • concerns with the current operations at the Veolia bio-reactor

  •  impact on your local business

  • impact on climate change and its contribution to global warming

  • dumping Sydney's waste out of sight in the regions

  • increased impact on local roads

  • loss of jobs in farming and related industries

  • loss of farm organic certification


Tell them why these concerns are so important to you:

For example, you have small children, you are a 4th  generation farmer, you've just spent 7 years and your life savings building up your farm/business, etc.

Tell them what you would like them to do:

If writing to the local council

For example, I want you to oppose the development, submit a response to the EIS, conduct an awareness campaign, pass a motion prohibiting their waste from being sent for incineration, provide funding to local opposition put signs up, promote the petition, work with the ACT Government and other councils to coordinate a regional response, etc.

If writing to the State Government MP

For example, I want you to oppose the development, support a bill to oppose waste incineration, leverage relevant ministers, speak against the development in Parliament, attend a community meeting, raise the matter with the media, speak to the EPA about why this location was selected as a priority location for waste-to-energy incineration, oppose the EPA draft regulation naming Tarago as a priority location for WTE incineration, etc.


If writing to the Federal Government

For example, I want you to take action to oppose the development, make a public statement opposing the development, attend a community meeting, speak on the matter in Parliament, raise the matter with the media, work publicly with the State representative to oppose the development, etc. Thank them for any work they may have already done. Ask that your letter also be forwarded to the relevant Ministers for a response. (This makes sure the relevant cabinet minister is also aware of your concerns and opposition to the proposal).

Yours sincerely

(Insert your name and those of your family)

Local Councillors



Kenrick Winchester (Mayor)

02 6285 6299


Esma Livermore (Deputy Mayor)

0407 737 195


Katrina Willis

0407 728 832

Louise Burton

0407 753 620


Bryce Wilson

0407 789 167


Jacqueline Ternouth

0408 788 268


Mareeta Grundy

0407 754 832


Steve Taskovski

0407 799 574


Edwina Webster

0407 852 039


Michele Biscotti

0407 761 069


John Preston

0407 741 402




Peter Walker (Mayor)

0418 215 184


Andrew Banfield

0427 130 298


Andy Wood

0490 037 421


Bob Kirk

0419 854 599


Carol James

0418 342 501


Daniel Strickland

0490 036 241


Jason Shepherd

0490 036 157


Michael Prevedello

0490 033 792


Steven Ruddell

0490 033 756


Upper Lachlan


Pam Kensit (Mayor)

Phone: 02 4836 5203

Mobile: 0400 360 331


Mandy McDonald (Deputy Mayor)

Mobile: 0435 243 080


Darren O'Brien

Phone: 02 4832 0501

Mobile: 0409 821 003


John Searl
Phone: 02 4845 6337
Mobile: 0405 060 347


Jo Marshall

Mobile: 0408 976 070


Lauren Woodbridge

Mobile: 0435 511 951


Paul Culhane

Phone: 0410 622 798


Susan Reynolds

Mobile:0414 464 206


Yass Valley

Allan McGrath (Mayor)

Phone: 0427 830 910

Jasmin Jones (Deputy Mayor)

Phone:0400 486 616

Adrian Cameron

Phone: 0418 288 056

Councillor Cayla Pothan

Phone: 0447 225 524

Cecil Burgess OAM

Phone: 0429 930 628

Jim Abbey

Phone: 0409 040 835


Kim Turner

Phone: 0407 489 570


Kristin Butler

Phone: 0433 246 045


Mike Reid


Phone: 0412 078 475


NSW Government



Nichole Overall MP

Parliamentary email yet to be confirmed. Interim contact:

(02) 9299 5811
1800 672 263



Wendy Tuckerman, MP

Shops 1 and 2
167-173 Auburn Street


Postal address:

The Hon. Wendy Tuckerman MP
PO Box 168


(02) 4822 6444

(02) 4822 6400



ACT Government

Andrew Barr MLA – Chief Minister, ACT

Shane Rattenbury MLA – Minister for Water, Energy and Emissions Reduction and Leader of the ACT Greens

Rebecca Vassarotti MLA – Minister for the Environment

Nicole Lawder – ACT Shadow Minister for Environment, Heritage and Water



Federal Government



Kristy McBain MP

Electorate Office 1 (Principal Office)

1/21-25 Monaro Street
Queanbeyan, NSW, 2620

Postal address;
PO Box 214
Queanbeyan, NSW, 2620


(02) 6284 2442



Angus Taylor MP

Electorate Office 1 (Principal Office)
7 Montague Street
Goulburn, NSW, 2580

Postal address
PO Box 21
Camden, NSW, 2570


(02) 4658 7188

Local Gov
Federal Gov
State Gov
3 children holding signs saying 'We say no to toxic waste incinerator'
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