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‘How to' guide for emailing an objection to Veolia’s Tarago Incinerator proposal (Woodlawn ARC).

There are currently two ways to lodge an objection; by email (Using instructions on this page) or by lodging your objection to the Planning portal. If you prefer to lodge through the Planning Portal go to our Lodge objection page.

Step 1: Ensure you include the information outlined below in your written objection.
Step 2: Email your objection to:
Information you must include in your objection


All objections must be submitted no later than Tuesday 13 December 2022, and must provide the details outlined in the Exhibition Notice under the ‘Have your say’ section (shown below).


In your submission, please include:

  1. Your name and address (please ensure any attached documents list your personal details on a separate cover sheet if you would like your details to be withheld from publication);

  2. The name of the project and the application number (Woodlawn ARC: SSD-21184278

  3. A statement saying you 'object’ to the application;

  4. The reasons why you object to the application (See our How to write an objection page for inspiration);

  5. A declaration of any reportable political donations you have made in the last two years (For more information visit; and

  6. A statement indicating you acknowledge and accept the Department’s disclaimer and declaration. 

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