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Join the fight


Does CATTI need your help?


The more people who register their opposition to the development, the better chance we have that our community will be taken seriously and our concerns actioned. We need you to register your opposition to Veolia's proposal.

How can I help?

  1. MOST IMPORTANT! register your objection to Veolia's Environmental Impact Statement.

  2. Fill out our contact form to join our email list to stay updated on the campaign and be notified of important deadlines and timeframes.

  3. Contribute money by visiting our Go Fund Me page to help us meet our operational costs and get the word out. All money goes towards fighting the incinerator.

  4. Go to and join our Facebook group. Ask questions and support your community to fight the development.

  5. Volunteer your time and skill as little or as much as you like - we are a very small organisation and need help with everything!

  6. Email or write to your local and federal MP letting them know you are opposed to the incinerator development. Feel free to include some of the information and references available on this site. It's very important to ask that your correspondence also be forwarded to the Minister for an answer to your questions.
  7. Encourage your neighbours, friends and family to take action.

  8. Display a sign in your front yard or on your fenceline opposing the proposed incinerator


Got any questions or ideas? Go to and fill out our contact form. Let's work together to stop this thing!

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