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Save Tarago and the Southern Tablelands from Toxic Industrial Waste Incinerators. Make your voice heard and support communities across the Southern Tablelands by signing the NSW Parliament e-Petition to say NO to building waste-to-energy incinerators for burning Sydney’s rubbish in Tarago or anywhere else in the Southern Tablelands. The government has said these facilities can’t be built in Sydney because of the health impacts – if it isn’t good enough for Sydney, then why is it ok for Regional NSW?


The petition takes less than 2 minutes to complete and your support is vital to help protect local communities in this region.

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Each signature demonstrates to NSW Parliament that residents and citizens across NSW do not want large industrial waste incinerators polluting our homes, animals, land and food. This petition is only active for 3 months and we need 20,000 signatures to force the government to take this seriously. Local MP for Goulburn, Wendy Tuckerman, has agreed to support and present the petition on behalf of the community.

Who can sign?

Any resident of NSW can sign the petition, regardless of their age. Children under the age of 18 can also sign the petition. Any information you provide is kept confidential by the NSW Parliament and not used for any other purpose. To sign, you need to provide your first name, last name, and a unique email address (so each member of your family must use a separate email address).


How do I sign?

  1. Open the petition on the NSW Parliament website here (Please be patient as it opens).

  2. Click the box to show that you live in NSW.

  3. Fill in your title (Ms, Mrs, Mr etc.), first name, last name and email address.

  4. Click the box if you'd like to stay updated, click the box to show you understand the NSW

  5. Legislative Assembly (Parliament) will keep a copy of your details, and click the box to accept the privacy statement.

  6. Click the box to show you're not a robot (and follow the instructions to select the relevant pictures).

  7. Press the green "Sign" button.


What happens when I sign?

Your signature is added to the petition tally. Go the NSW Parliament website to keep track of our progress here .


We need 20,000 signatures to force parliament to debate a ban on waste-to-energy incinerators in the Southern Tablelands, so every signature counts. Please ask your friends, family and neighbours to sign. Post links on your social media accounts and ask people directly for their support. If you own a business, you can print out copies of our 'Sign petition sign' to display and or give to customers asking for their support. Download a 'Sign petition sign' PDF (1.8MB) here and distribute it far and wide.


Thank you for your support!

3 children holding signs saying 'We say no to toxic waste incinerator'